Who is the Director of Forensic Disability?

The Director of Forensic Disability (the Director) is an independent statutory appointment made under the Forensic Disability Act 2011 (the Act). The main functions of the Director include:

  • ensuring the protection of the rights of forensic disability clients under the Act
  • ensuring the involuntary detention, assessment, care, support and protection of forensic disability clients complies with the Act
  • facilitating the proper and efficient administration of the Act
  • monitoring and auditing compliance with the Act
  • promoting community awareness and understanding of the administration of the Act
  • advising and reporting to the Minister on any matter relating to the administration of the Act.

The Director may also be a party in Mental Health Court proceedings involving individuals with an intellectual or cognitive disability. The Director’s role is to assist the Mental Health Court with specific disability issues and contribute to the outcomes and determinations for individuals diagnosed with an intellectual or cognitive disability who find themselves the Mental Health Court system.

The Director is not responsible for the day to day operations of the Forensic Disability Service. The day to day operations including the running of the facility and the management of the clients is the responsibility of the Administrator, and the Department of Child Safety, Seniors and Disability Services.

Officers of the Director of Forensic Disability

The Director is supported by a team of 6 staff who assist with legal, clinical and administrative functions.